Sunday, 22 May 2011

PB/BOP Canoe Challenge at Waimarino

On Friday May 6th, 9 students from Tauranga Intermediate went to the 2011 Kayak Challenge at Waimarino. There were four school competing in the competition - Taupo, Ilminster and Otumoetai Intermediates.

We arrived in time for the briefing and prepared ourselves for the races to come. The boys started off with the 50m sprint race and the girls with the slalom. The competition was tough, particularly Ilminster and Taupo Intermediate were good contenders. The second to last race was the toughest event - the 2km kayak race but Tauranga Intermediate managed to scrape through with a first and a 6th and a 2nd and 3rd in the girls race.

The last event was the rescue and we took out both the boys and girls division. The team had a great day winning the best overall girl - Petra Ririnui Rm 1 and boy - Fergus Kirk Rm 7 for the day and winning the trophy for the 6th year in a row!

Girls Team Boys Team

Rawinia Cavendish Rm 36 Fergus Kirk Rm 7

Maddison Rose Rm 41 Marshall Wells Rm 41

Petra Ririnui Rm 1 Fynn Dangen Rm 34

Caitlyn Lyttle Rm 7 Steven Masters Rm 21

Jannika Glasgow Rm 2

Written by Fergus Kirk, Room 7

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  1. Well done Fergus and Caitlyn. From Manuka House