Saturday, 18 June 2011

PB/BOP Squash

Congratulations to our seven students who travelled to Whakatane and successfully defended the PB/BOP Squash Title. The team consisted of Jamie Oakley, Alex Revington, Jack Revington, Olivia McOnie, Jamie Armstrong, Taylor Clarke and Jacob Forman. The results for the team were:
Year 8 Boys
1st Jamie Oakley
2nd Alex Revington
Year 8 Girls
2nd Jamie Armstrong
3rd Olivia McOnie
Year 7 Boys
1st Jack Revington
3rd Jacob Forman
Year 7 Girls
3rd Taylor Clark


  1. Go Jamie And Olivia You rock!!!

  2. Go Taylor oh and BTW Her name is Taylor ClarkE with a E hahahah

  3. Whos the pro that won the yr 8 boys?