Monday, 11 July 2011

PB/BOP Rock Climbing

As I arrive at school I think to my self “How weird is it to be a school at 7 am?”. It is cold and dark, I can’t see anyone. I jump out of the car and have a look around. I soon find them. Once everyone has got together we hop into the school van and begin our journey to Taupo. It was quite a good trip with only one quick stop at the gas station for food and drinks.

We walk into the hall, we are late. There is a quick talk introducing the leaders and then we are harnessed up and off to climb. All hoping we got to climb easy walls, we get informed that we can only climb one colour. One by one we climb, we had only three minutes to get as high as we could. We got to climb two walls and then we could go off for free time before our finals. Most of us went for a swim. I had to climb second and I could tell from almost everyones faces they were nervous. It didn’t take very long for the finals to finish but to me it felt like forever as each person went up and came down. Around 5 minutes after the finals we had prize giving. Over all our school did really well we got second in both year 7 and 8 over all team scores. We got gold in year 7 boys William Esterman, year 7 girls Eden Faulkner and year 8 girls Me, Paige McGarva, silver in year 7 girls Georgia Bartlam and bronze in year 8 boys Levi Offner and year 8 girls Lenei Curtis. We even got a gold from the table climbing where you had to climb fully down, around and over the table in the fastest time without touching the ground, that was won by Lenei Curtis. We all had an awesome time and were happy with the results.

By Paige McGarva.

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  1. Im just wandering,Wheres the picture of the Year 7s?