Tuesday, 12 June 2012

ARGOS Gymnastics

Congratulations to all of our 78 students and coaches Miss Anita Jackson, Mrs Sabrina Jackson, Mrs Lauren Stull, Mrs Machelle Harris, and Mrs Julie Pye. A huge success at the recent ARGOS Competition across all divisions. Read through the large haul of medal winners both in teams and individual competitions!

14 Gold medals

12 Silver medals

10 Bronze medals

Twisters Girls - 1st place – Caitlin Fletcher, 3rd place – Alexis, 1st team – Alexis, Mia, Kayleigh, Trinity

Twisters Tramp Boys - 1st place – Wiremu, 2nd place – Jack, 3rd place - Reece, 1st team – Wiremu, Jack, Reece

Twister Tramp Girls - 1st place – Millie Burton, 2nd place – Catrin, 3rd place – Georgina, 1st team – Millie, Catrin, Georgina, 2nd team – Alexis, Mia, Greta, 3rd team – Jessica, Karah, Rosie

Hip Hop - 3rd place

Twisters Boys - 1st place – Jack, 2nd place – Wiremu, 3rd place – Keanu, 1st team – Jack, Keanu, Wiremu, Reece, 3rd team – Micah, Troy, Tiorori

Flyers Boys - 3rd team – Koraha, Jesse, Ngatoroirangi, Tawhai

Springers Girls - 2nd place – Chloe, 2nd team – Chole, Olivia, Shelbee, Melissa

Springers Tramp Boys - 3rd team – Tawhai, Koraha, Aaron

Flyers Tramp Boys - 2nd place – Ngatoroirangi, 1st team – Ngatoroirangi, Tioriori, Te Waata, 2nd team – Jack, Travis, Keanu, Micah

Flyers Tramp Girls - 1st place – Mikayla, 2nd place – Amelia, 1st team – Mikayla, Amelia, Marlique

Aerobics - 2nd place

Flyers Rhythmic Girls - 1st place – Catrin, 2nd place – Jessica

Open Junior Rhythmic Girls - 1st place – Kelsey

Open Junior Girls - 3rd place – Caitlin Wardell, 2nd team – Caitlin, Millie, Georgina, Catrin

Cheerleading - 1st place

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