Monday, 30 July 2012


Millie with the 'Top School' Trophy

Congratulations to Mrs Jackson, Miss Jackson, Mrs Stull, Mrs Pye and Mrs Harris and their team of Gymnasts who competed at the Regional Competition on Monday 30 July. Building on our success at recent competitions the team achieved some amazing results.

Karah Bixley 2nd Flyers Girls Artistic

Alexis Cowbourne 3rd = Twisters Girls Artistic

Mia Gregory 3rd = Twisters Girls Artistic

Millie Burton 1st Open Junior Girls Artistic

Caitlin Wardell 2nd Open Junior Girls Artistic

Wiremu Leef 1st Twisters Mens Artistic

Jack Niles 2nd Twisters Mens Artistic

Keanu Teao 3rd = Twisters Mens Artistic

Wiremu Leef 1st Twisters Mens Tramp

Marlique Ellis-Emery 1st Flyers Girls Tramp

Catrin Pearce 1st Twisters Girls Tramp

Millie Burton 2nd Twisters Girls Tramp

Georgina Dewar 3rd Twisters Girls Tramp

Catrin Pearce 1st Flyers Girls Rhythmic

Kelsey Duff 1st Open Junior Girls Rhythmic

Cheerleading 1st

Aerobics 3rd

Hip Hop 3rd

Top Intermediate School Trophy

8 Golds

4 Silver

6 Bronze

Well done on some outstanding results! We look forward to following your build up to the New Zealand Community Trust AIMS GAMES and wish you all the best.

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  1. I used to go to school with a few of these people. It's great to see them doing so well :)