Monday, 10 September 2012

NZCT AIMS GAMES - Day One Media Release

MEDIA RELEASE: Monday 10 September 2012


The Olympic theme carries on strongly with fun and interactive activities at the Mount Maunganui Main Beach this morning, hosted by Sam Wallace from the TV1 Breakfast show. The sun rise was spectacular but the wind kept on blowing. Nothing held Sam back as he raced Sarah Walker in a BMX challenge, and as the Mount Intermediate girls’ rugby team challenged Mahe Drysdale, Juliette Haigh, Ian Seymour and Sarah Walker to a game of beach touch.

At Blake Park, Peter Smith, WaiBop Football CoachForce officer and NZCT AIMS GAMES football coordinator was pleased with the football competition kicking off with over 900 young footballers playing in the competition. The 9 v 9 format proved to be a huge success – this format being in line with the New Zealand Football – Whole of Football Plan. Mr Smith commented that “the biggest worry today was the high winds playing havoc with the schools gazebos – several have been seen airborne heading towards the Netball Courts!”

Blake Park is buzzing with the atmosphere created by all of the players from seven different sporting codes - hockey, netball, football, squash, badminton, tennis and football. Inside at Blake Park is the badminton competition – and as Badminton CoachForce officer Delwyn Cooper stated ‘there is a lot of sport to be played this week!” Today 89 games of boys’ singles games have been completed – exciting competition with New Zealand under 13 boys’ 3rd and 4th seeds playing. Tomorrow brings the boys doubles where again boys pairs ranked 1st to 4th in New Zealand will be competing. Junior player Wei Lim from Palmerston North Intermediate School plays Badminton every night at the five different clubs around the Manawatu. His dad, Kheng Lim is the coach and supportive parent, and after playing in his home country of Malaysia has passed the love of the sport on to his son. Wei started playing four years ago and felt inspired by last night’s messages from Mahe and Sarah. ‘I would like to represent New Zealand one day too” says Wei.

Down to the TECT Arena at Baypark where Indoor Bowls and Basketball is underway. It is very noticeable in amongst the hundred of players – the large amount of referees that are required to make it all happen. Cliff Horne, Basketball Referee coordinator, has 26 basketball referees involved in the league, which keeps the competition even and flowing. Indoor Bowls coordinator Fiona Wilson has over 50 officials involved coming from the Bay of Plenty and Waikato to help out. The umpires and officials are a crucial element to the NZCT AIMS GAMES and their participation is appreciated by all.

On Wednesday evening is the annual Coaches and Managers social get together at Tauranga Intermediate School. Following on from the great success at the Olympics, Calvin Ferguson, High Performance Coach, New Zealand Rowing will be speaking to the audience. This will be great after hearing Mahe Drysdale speak at the Opening Ceremony. Will Johnston from Classic Hits will be holding a Q&A session with Jerome Ropati, Warriors player. As Rugby League is new to the NZCT AIMS GAMES this year, it will be exciting to hear from Jerome and an update on the game.

12 sports got underway today after the Games kicked off with the Cross Country yesterday, which according to Gareth Scholes, Cross Country Coordinator was a very fierce competition and set the scene well for the tournament.

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