Thursday, 6 September 2012


Media Release Snapshot

The NZCT AIMS GAMES has grown to be one of the largest sporting events in New Zealand. This year, with the addition of Rugby League to the games and two visiting schools from Melbourne, numbers have grown from 121 schools and 4600 athletes in 2011 to 166 schools (one more included today) and over 6000 athletes in 2012. With the games continuing to grow each year, interest is growing from media as well. Sam from the TV1 Breakfast show will be filming from the Mt Main Beach from 7am on Monday 10th September with a variety of challenges in place for him to enjoy. The Erin Simpson Show, a popular television show among young people is broadcasting from the games on Wednesday 12th September and, a website which has students covering news, is also getting involved in the tournament.

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